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Going Beyond Security...

Security Protection 


Are you Having Huge problems Managing Your Security Department and Guards?

Frequent site problems with Un-Trained Guards? Unable to monitor Guards Attendance and Lack the know-how to manage and train them?


Switch to Xecuretronix, We will provide you with Guards that have undergone basic training. We have ready Trained Local & Nepalese Guards to undertake Security Guarding...Call us directly at 1700-81-7600

CCTV System

There are many benefits to using a CCTV security system. If you own a business you will be able to provide a safer environment as well as making the business more efficient and less likely to be robbed. 

CCTV security systems can be a single camera and monitor or they can be very elaborate.

A more complex system may include hundreds of cameras, digital recorders, and multiple operators. 

When you install a CCTV security system you will be able to avoid dealing with many of the thieves that strike businesses that are not prepared. This is a great deterrent for potential thieves. When they realize that your business is protected by a closed circuit television camera they may choose to go somewhere else

Alarm + CMS


Years ago one could leave their doors unlocked and their windows open in the summer. These days, any open window on the first floor of your home is begging for a robber to jump through. There are several reasons why one should have a home security alarm system in the home aside from the obvious.

Xecuretronix Security Alarm Systems Provide Peace of Mind 24x7x365
having your own home security alarm system in your home can provide peace of mind. We live in a consumer driven society, and it is important that we protect our stuff. Owning a home security alarm system will notify the authorities when an intruder enters your home when you are present or away. It does not matter if one lives in central city or in the downtown of a city, crime happens everywhere. By having a home security alarm system, the knowledge in and of itself that your home is protected will grant you and your family peace of mind. Contact us today and explore how you can install an Alarm System for as low as RM 75.00 a Month. In Xecuretronix we fit up your systems with a 24hrs CMS link. Contact us to switch or upgrade your current system and enjoy FREE CMS Service before this PROMO Ends.

Corporate Investigations & Risk Assessments 


In today's fast paced world, it is easy to underestimate the need for Security, Surveillance and Intelligence more today than ever before, because those who want to harm our interests, have advanced methods and technology available to them to execute their plans. So when you want to protect yourself from shrewd operators, you need professionals on your side. As Malaysian Licensed Security Company whereby we undertake Investigation Services to ensure our clients are always protected to their best interest
Our team is trained to undertake the following :

  • Background Screening Services,

  • Due Diligence,

  • Business Intelligence,

  • Undercover Operations,

  • Surveillance & Tracking

  • Fraud Management,

  • White Collar Crime,

  • Security Audit & Design,

  • Financial Loss Investigations

  • Pre-Employment Evaluations

  • Record Searches/Retrieval

  • Video Surveillance

BodyGuards & Event Security


We undertake Bodyguard Service for our Clients; Our Trained Personnel are normally ex-serviceman with past experience in managing the client’s safety. Contact us directly at 012-7600576 to find out how this service can protect your love ones. For those with Events and Expo...Need Security on a Short Notice? email to and we will forward you our soonest cost saving quotation....

IT Security & Services 24x7


Information Technology Security also known as, IT Security / Cyber Security is the process of implementing measures and systems designed to securely protect and secure information (business and personal data, voice conversations, still images, motion pictures, multimedia presentations, including those not yet conceived) At Xecuretronix we utilizing various forms of technology developed to create, store, use and exchange such information against any unauthorized access, misuse, malfunction, modification, destruction, or improper disclosure, thereby preserving the value, confidentiality, integrity, availability, intended use and its ability to perform their permitted critical functions.

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