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Security + Electronics

Within a short span, Xecuretronix has made signification changes towards the industry with constantly educating consumers on the important of Security and Electronics Protection Systems.  After the 9-11 tragedy many people have focused on Personal Safety & Security worldwide. At Xecuretronix,  we insist on having close communications with all our clients and maintaining a dedicated team to cater to our clients’  24 hours Security needs. We go the extra mile to ensure Security and Safety Standards are met consistently. We believe in being efficient and to grow together with our clients as a team as our aim is to showcase the difference in our Services. Today we have grown and extended our service for clients from Retail, Hotels, Telco’s , Embassies and Xecuretronix constantly undertake quality Security Services to meet these high standards 24x7


We are proud to say, we have saved our clients in millions of ringgit with our cutting edge Electronic Security Systems and Investigation Skills. Whether  it’s a 1 Guard Assignment or an Alarm System Repair we ensure you get your money worth service 24x7. Write to us to enquire more at

Our Xecuretronix People...



Xecuretronix founding members are Dato 'Ir. Hj Abd Halim Bin Sulaiman, DPT, B.Sc. (Hons) Civil Engineering, Fiem, P.Eng. Mwa, Macem, And Jeffrey Fernandez, Ph.D (Hc) B.Sc (Hons) ,ICPS.

Both these gentlemen have wide knowledge in Security Practices and Technology. Currently Dato Halim is the Executive Chairman of Xecuretronix while Jeffrey Fernandez or known as Dr.Jeff is the Executive Director / CEO of Xecuretronix.

Jeffrey Fernandez is the key person for the company developments. He has more than 25 years experience in Security Protection, Investigations, Security System and Technology Industry .





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